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Our service:

  • Selection, recruitment and delivery of highly qualified ships personnel, duly trained in accordance with STCW 95, complying with ILO convention and ISM code standards Crew planning / Maintaining pool of seafarers for individual Customer
  • Liaising with local and foreign Maritime Authorities in regards to seafarers' certification, licensing matters, documents verification, covering flag state formalities, delivering statistical reports
  • All travel-related arrangements, supporting documentation, performing pre-joining crew briefings to ensure safe and successful performance during the contract
  • Arranging entry visas, ensuring safe and efficient embarkation and disembarkation of the crew to and/ or from the vessel in cooperation with local shipping agents and Marine Authorities
  • Planning and monitoring seafarers professional assessment
  • Arranging training of sea personnel in compliance with STCW convention and customers requirements. Keeping track of the training records
  • English Language assessment, providing professional English training if necessary
  • Organizing training seminars / conferences upon Customers request
  • Developing marketing strategies, promoting Customers interests on the local market
  • Marine onshore recruitment services

  • Docs and Visas support

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